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3 products

We believe:
  • God gives parents responsibility for building faith in the lives of their children.
  • God gives parents a plan for building faith in the lives of their children.
  • The responsibility for building faith in the lives of children can seem overwhelming.
  • Daily demands and the the “urgent” can be so all-consuming that sometimes parents need help in implementing God’s plan into their busy days.

Kid’s Krates were designed with all of this in mind. Inside each Krate are are the components to help parents systematically introduce their child to God and grow a practical, everyday kind faith in Him.

Monthly Lesson Plans

Each Krate contains a monthly lesson based on stories from the Bible. The lesson plan is divided into weeks so that parent’s can include the telling of this Bible story into a part of the week which works best for their family. This way the Bible stories and their truths become a part of the weekly rhythm of the family so that children will come to believe they are important.

Also included in the lesson are 8+ ways to have natural conversations about the truths from the Bible story during different time segments of a family’s day: Morning time, Drive Time, Meal Time, Bed Time, and more. This way parents make God a part of their children’s everyday lives.

Fun, Hands-On Learning Activities

And the part for the Krate your kid’s will love the most are 14+ hands-on, Biblically related activities and the materials needed for parents and children to do together. Because children learn more from first-hand, concrete, sensory activities, they become eager learners. Bible stories take on new meaning and understanding as a result of a child’s active participation in the learning process.

These activities are tried and tested by children before they are included in the monthly plan. Therefore, activity cards are written to make it easy and efficient for parents and developmentally appropriate for children to be successful in the completion of the activities. Activities are planned within the scope of art, blocks, books, puzzles, nature, and dramatic play. And, the most important part of each activity card are the simple conversation ideas suggested so that parents can continue to converse with their child about the Bible story and what they’re learning from it.


Kid’s Krates. Are designed for children ages 4-9 years old. (Parent’s of younger children, hang in there! Our desire is to develop a krate for younger children very soon.) They are planned for one child but there are options to add materials for up to four additional children.


Each Krate costs $36.50 with an additional flat fee of $8.00 for shipping. We hope to offer a discounted subscription option soon. Extra materials are available for more children to participate at a cost of $8 per additional child.

New Krates Every Month

We are excited to announce that the first Kid’s Krate to launch is based on the Biblical story of Creation. New Krates will launch bimonthly with a limited supply. Be sure to get on the email list so that you will not miss out. People on the list will be reminded by email the date for purchasing a Krate. The Krates listed on our site are all currently available.