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2 products

As a parent, have you been frustrated by:
A society that teaches “your truth” and “my truth” and no “absolute truth”?

Knowing that God gave you the responsibility for discipling your kids but not knowing how to lay a foundation of biblical doctrine that kids can understand?

Multiple age and stage materials your children come home with? How can you organize your family around different Bible Stories, different memory verses, different life applications?

Knowing lots of Bible stories but not the overarching story of how they together all point to Christ?

At HLH our content creator has over 40-plus years of practical Bible learning and teaching experience working with multiple ages and stages of children. From this we’ve created a framework of the major biblical concept areas including age-specific truths that make for a wise discipleship plan for children. Multiple age children in a family are considered when developing activities and conversation prompts for parents.

Step One - Purchase a Starter Kit containing a notebook and dividers which facilitate the memorization process we recommend.

Step Two - Purchase a subscription plan to Hide ‘Em in your Heart which will arrive by the start of each new month beginning in June 2024.

Step Three - Start using these resources and experience the confidence of knowing that you are organizing the life of your family around a love for God and guiding your children to grow in their trust in Him.